A clear mission

About us


The mission of the Fonds Capital Culture Québec (FCCQ) is to support the development of large-scale cultural enterprises in Quebec by financing projects showing a strong potential or projects with significant economic benefits for the province.

The FCCQ is endowed with a $100 million budget to support the development of Quebec’s cultural enterprises and the export of its creative talent. The FCCQ is funded in part by the government of Quebec ($60 million)–through the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC)–and by the partnering Fonds de solidarité FTQ ($40 million).

The FCCQ is primarily a venture capital fund.

2. What defines us

What defines us

A distinctive approach that provides:

  • Strategic support for business management
  • Access to our network of experts in the culture and communication industries
  • Financing that is adapted to our partners’ needs

Structural financial support for cultural and communication enterprises:

  • Fonds Capital Culture Québec (FCCQ) uses an investment structure tailored to the needs of enterprises through several financing tools.
  • The FCCQ helps in developing optimal financing packages for the partner enterprise, occasionally bringing in other recognized investors that rely on its expertise in the culture and communication industries.
  • As a financial partner, the FCCQ may sit on the boards of directors or on the various management committees of enterprises.
  • The FCCQ lets enterprises benefit from its experience and business network.

Recognized expertise in the culture and communications industries:

  • The FCCQ invests capital, as well as expertise, resources, and experience in the culture and communication industries. It knows the issues and contextual realities of the industries it serves as well as those of its entrepreneurs.
  • The FCCQ has solid business expertise and its team is aware of the market trends and the industries’ rules and regulations. 
  • The FCCQ is able to assist entrepreneurs in these industries in addressing the many challenges of managing a growing business.