The Quebec Culture Capital Fund was created on November 7, 2011 by the Government of Québec and the Fonds de solidarité FTQ to provide innovative financing to Québec cultural organisations interested in exporting their projects and products.

The Quebec Culture Capital Fund has a $100 million budget to support the marketing and export of major Québec cultural products.

It proposes new and innovative financial instruments in the financing of Québec cultural organisations, which take the form of equity voting shares, preferred shares, and loans.

Eligibility criteria

In order to have their projects or products considered for financing by the Quebec Culture Capital Fund, companies must:

  • Have their decision-making center or head office based in Québec;
  • Be an active business concern;
  • Have the majority of its employees residing in Québec;
  • Have, before the investment from the Quebec Culture Capital Fund, assets of less than $100 million, or a net worth of $50 million according to the most recent audited annual financial statements.

Companies must also be active in the following targeted industries:

  • Live show production;
  • Book publishing and the purchase and sale of publishing rights;
  • Film and television production;
  • Cross-platform production;
  • Sound recording and the purchase and sale of catalogues;
  • Interactive digital and video game production.

Files under consideration will be confirmed by a letter of intent and their further evaluation will be subject to professional fees consistent with market standards.

Certain restrictions will be imposed on projects for start-up companies with an innovative product or that meet a market need outside of Québec. Investments in start-up projects will be limited to $2 million cumulatively, and to a maximum of 15% of assets under management (AUM). Nonetheless, the Quebec Culture Capital Fund is willing to entertain the proposals from its financial partners and other interested parties from the industry.